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Monitoring solution

We all already got used to computer monitoring both at work and at home. We got used to advertising software products as tools for parental control and spying on employees.

The programs like PC ACME Pro, ActMon Pro Edition, Perfect Keylogger and any other monitoring solution ranked by our site are indeed useful tools. Large and middle-sized companies (like web hosting sites) use legitimate monitoring programs for employee monitoring — to ensure information security and local network accountability. At home more and more parents install such software as a "life jacket" for their web-surfing kids. You probably use some monitoring solution already, or going to. There exist a wide range of software products designed for computer and internet activity everywhere monitoring. Sets of their functions vary greatly. Users choose monitoring solution depending on the job to be done.

Most common spheres where monitoring solutions are applied are employee monitoring and parental control. Also, PC monitoring is sometimes necessary during investigations of various crimes.

For legal reasons, users should never invisible keylogger surveillance programs on any computer they don't own. Hidden computer monitoring is violation of other people's privacy, if performed by a person who is not authorized to do so. When applying a monitoring solution, a PC owner should remember that installing spy software on a PC that belongs to other person could be illegal.

Home>Monitoring solution
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.