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Remote installation

Perfect Keylogger 2013
Perfect Keylogger 2013
Remote installation is one of the few characteristics that separate monitoring software from spy software, experts say. Actually, spyware has very much in common with monitoring software – legitimate software products widely used for parental control, employee monitoring, visited web pages and Internet access control, etc. They pretty often are based on the same technology. They are so similar, that a spy program can sometimes be used for monitoring purposes, and vice versa. So, what is the difference, if there is any?

There is a vague line between monitoring products like Perfect Keylogger 2013 (at screenshot), WinSession Logger, Spy Lantern Keylogger Pro or any other commercial monitoring product listed on Keylogger.Org and spy products – this is the line between security management and security violation. However, there are two specific program functions that are typical to spy programs.

First, it is possible to carry out preliminary configuration of the monitoring module (it is usually called client, agent etc.), getting a compiled executable file as a result. This file, when installed, doesn't display any messages or create windows on the screen. It "hides itself" and "shows no signs of life". It is impossible to notice whether the particular PC is being secretly monitored or not. Of course, the user is not aware of being spied on. Second, spy software always has built-in means of remote installation; as a rule, the pre-configured module (agent) is installed into the target PC remotely. Then the files with obtained information are sent via local network or emailed to the person who installed the spy program.

Last, but not least – spyware is always used illicitly and behind the user's back – here monitoring is performed by a person who has no right for it. Unlike spyware, legally used monitoring programs are almost never applied secretly. Though in many states a boss doesn't break any law when he installs monitoring devices or software without his employees' consent and never tells them about it, it happens not very often. As a rule, people at work are aware of being under surveillance. Managers are very likely to tell a new employee that there are things that he or she had better not do – because there are means of finding that out. Kids know what websites they had better not visit – for the same reason.

Remove these functions – and you will get a monitoring program instead of spyware. If it is impossible to pre-configure the monitoring module and install it remotely; if you should have administrator privilege to install the program, it is monitoring software, not spyware.

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IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.