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How to choose the best workplace monitoring software for your company?

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To begin with, let's figure out what "the best" means. Why not pick just the most expensive employee monitoring product - will it be the best?

Well, not always. The best product is the one which exactly suits your needs. In other words, a product with the optimal (for you) set of functions will surely be the best - for you. For anyone else, some other software will prove to be the best.

Employers' needs vary, and so do sets of functions available in software for workplace surveillance.

If you take time, think over you needs and choose the optimal product, it will enable you to:

  • 1. Save money: The most expensive doesn't necessarily mean the most suitable. It's quite likely that some budget software with basic set of functions fits your needs much more than something higher-priced with lots of bells and whistles you actually don't need.

  • 2. Save time: If you pick the right employee monitoring software, viewing its reports will take little time but provide you with all the essential information. Otherwise, you will drown in data and will have to spend hours extracting useful info out of them.

There are a few things you should consider when choosing software for employee monitoring.

First, think over the problems that you are going to solve by applying workplace monitoring.

Is weak discipline the most serious issue in your company? In other words, are your employees surfing the web instead of working? Or, maybe, you are more afraid of info leaks and insiders? Or anything else? If you are aware of the main problems, you will be able to choose the software that will curb the problem most effectively.

Second, you should clearly formulate what exactly do you want to know about your employees' PC use. Think it over, and you will haver the list of the most necessary functions your product must have. For example, if you suspect your personnel mostly of tardiness and loafing on the job, you will obviously need a product that records the time when the machine is turned on/off, idle time, and, probably, apps run on the PC. Also, web filtering will be of great use to prevent your employees from wasting your company's time and resources.

But if your main concern is preventing leaks of sensitive information, including trade secrets, you should choose the product which allows tight control over communications. All the channels that could be used for transferring data from the company's network - email, ftp, cloud storages, etc. - should be under control. Not a bit of data should leave the company's PCs unnoticed. File activity, particularly copying files, also should be recorded. And it goes without saying that the entire networks and all computers in your company must be protected from spyware, especially keyloggers (they are pretty often used for stealing information).

For those who wish to quickly select the right software for workplace surveillance, comparative tables are very useful. You can just browse through the list of the products and choose among those that have necessary functions. And, finally, you will pick the software product that will prove to be the best for your business.

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Home>Articles>How to choose the best workplace monitoring software for your company?
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.