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What are the main reasons for applying parental control?

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Using parental control software is a long-standing trend. It has been widely advertised for years. What motives actuate parents who install software designed specially for parental control and web filtering? They actually are pretty straightforward and understandable.

People can’t control their kids’ PC use – but want to

If you are a parent, you definitely want your kid or teen to stay safe online at any time. When your child is a preschooler and you are teaching him or her how to use the Web, you have everything under control. But your son or daughter grows… It’s an open secret that tweens and teens don’t always obey their parents. When it comes to Web use, when you are away, older kids may try to do exactly what they are forbidden from doing. And they learn to clear browser history very early. Applying software which logs everything done on a PC will help you track your kids’ online behavior.

Harmful and questionable content

There are plenty of sites on the web, which are not suitable for your kid or teen. Your son or daughter can come across any of such sites while searching for something else or just surfing. Kids are curious and tend to follow links if headlines spark their interest. Obviously, you don’t want your child to open, say, a porn site. Web filtering, which is a part of many parental control software products, is a good solution to this problem.

Dangers in social networks

It’s quite predictable you want to protect your son or daughter from online predators who wait in ambush in social networks, pretending to be teens. Curious and sociable teens are their prey. That’s why it’s important for you to be in the know who exactly your son or daughter is talking to – and what about. The same will help you prevent cyberbullying before it becomes a serious problem. Many of parental controls offer monitoring activity in social networks, so you will have certain control over your kid’s communication in social networks and will be able to spot suspicious friends or other problems.

Time management issues

If your children come home from school, homework comes first. Or does it? If your kid spends plenty of time on the web but lacks half an hour to do the homework, it would be wise of you to restrict the time that could be spent online. Look through the list of different parental controls’ functions: many of them can be configured to restrict the period of time users can watch videos, browse the Web and access social networks – the three main time wasters. You can disable them when your kid acquires basic time management skills.

Spotting problems in time

Many parents have already heard of IAD (Internet Addiction Disorder). A person can become addicted to using the Internet quite like a drunkard gets addicted to alcohol, drug abuser to drugs, and a compulsive gambler to gambling. IAD is a grave problem, which you had better spot in time. Prevention is better than cure, you know.
Whatever are your reasons to apply parental control software, it’s a good idea these days, when the Web is anything but a safe playground for a kid. With a great variety of such software available at the market, you will no doubt find a product that will suit your needs perfectly.

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Home>Articles>What are the main reasons for applying parental control?
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.