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Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.

Logging other people's keystrokes or breaking into other people's computer without their permission can be considered illegal by the courts of many countries. The monitoring software reviewed here is ONLY for authorized system administrators and/or owners of computers. We assume no liability and are not responsible for any misuse or damage caused by the keylogging software. The end user of this software is obliged to obey all applicable local, state, federal and other laws in his country of residence.

Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of personal information of our visitors and are interested in saving them from its loss or theft by third parties while visiting Keylogger.Org.

We respect our visitors and understand their concerns about the protection of their personal information. This policy is intended to ensure the visitors of our website that all the personal information provided by them is handled safely and responsibly. Additionally, this information is posted for our visitors to know what information we collect, how we handle it, and whom we can share it with.

As it is written on our homepage we constantly improve our site. This means that this policy may change, so we recommend you visiting this page time to time in order to know our current privacy policy.

Our site contains links to third-party websites. Please note that we are no way responsible neither for their content, nor for their privacy policies.

By accessing Keylogger.Org you agree to the terms of Our Privacy Policy, as outlined below. If you do not agree with them or with any their part, please leave our site.

Ordering monitoring software

Our website has affiliate relationships with all the vendors of computer monitoring software placed on the site. When you order a product on our website you are transferred to third-party websites that process your order, and are responsible for all the ordering and financial questions. Each of these sites has its own privacy policies and procedures, and we have no control over them. We encourage you reading privacy policies of these sites before providing any personal information whenever you interact with such or any third-party sites.

Use of Cookies

When you visit Keylogger.Org, you surf the site anonymously and can access any its pages not revealing your identity. In order to make our site better, we use "cookies". "Cookie" is a small piece of data sent to your browser by a server. Cookie can be read only by the server that sent it to you. Cookie assigns your PC a randomly-generated, unique identification number when you access the website, thus allowing us to record such information as visited pages of our site, time spent on pages, keywords used to get to our website, etc.

Most browsers are configured to accept cookies by default. You can configure your browser to show you a notification every time you receive a cookie, thus allowing you to decide whether to accept it or not.

Please note that using the information stored in cookies doesn't identify you personally, leaving you anonymous. We don't create profiles of our users; the data, stored in cookies, can't be used to identify a person. So, our site is fully GDPR compliant.

Contacting our Website

If you have any questions regarding our disclaimer, privacy policy, the practices of Keylogger.Org, your dealings with it, or have any ideas on its improvement you are welcome to email us

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IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.