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What Does Hidden Monitoring Software Do

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What is your way to track PC activity of your kids or workers when you aren`t behind their backs? Can you discover what sites they visit the most frequently, who are their online interlocuters, what type of information they share through the social networks? Most people want to be aware of more details about PC activity of their significant others and, as a result, to avoid possible awful consequences, including hackers` attempts to breach the system, steal of sensitive information, etc. Another reason is to control PC performance of your labor force during their working hours in order to improve the working efficiency. Are there such easy-to-use software products that enable even an inexperienced user to control their computer activity?

Yes, there is a great choice of stealth spy software to find out practically any info on PC activity of a certain user. Such supervising programs have another name that is spyware, but you should distinguish them from malware such as backdoors, rootkits, Trojans, etc. The spyware products described here are legal and can be installed only at an administrator`s permission. As for malware, they are illegal programs that perform malevolent actions behind your back.

Actually, monitoring or supervision programs are only two types among other different spyware products. In most cases, they are used by bosses, parents or married couples who`d like to better monitor their working and private spheres of life.

For the user under control, such PC monitoring software is completely invisible and cannot be detected in standard ways, because they:

  • are hidden from system tray and Task Manager;
  • aren`t shown in Start menu and the Windows Startup folder;
  • cannot be seen among the installed applications;
  • have invisible and/or encrypted program folder;
  • can’t be detected by antiviruses and firewalls.

If you are going to use invisible keylogger software and don`t inform the user about it, he/she won`t be able to reveal this procedure without appropriate anti-spy software. Alternatively, you may let the user know about its installation and then use this product in stealth mode.

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Invisible Computer Monitoring Software: Legal or Illegal?

This question immediately arises in one`s head if a conversation touches upon employee monitoring software. The answer is tightly intertwined with the place where this program will be used and with the purposes you are planning to use it for.

Employee PC Activity Monitoring

Different countries have different legislations, but in general, laws are employer-biased. Employers have the rights to use employees` monitoring software to control their performance in the workplace, i.e. whether they use the company devices properly.

The point is that when a certain enterprise owns desktops, this enterprise is free to check what purposes workers use their devices for – just like chief executives would check the volume of gas spent when driving the company car.

There is no denying that company pays for fulfilling certain duties and not for surfing on the Internet in order to watch amusing videos or communicating in Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Many enterprises fix the working time and time off (lunch or other little breaks). In the labor agreements chief executives stipulate that:

  • workers must keep to working schedule of the company;
  • they bind themselves not to reveal proprietary information;
  • employees aren`t allowed to use company devices for personal needs;
  • they acknowledge the executive management`s rights to keep an eye on following the above-mentioned rules on a regular basis.

Invisible monitoring programs are kinds of surveillance cameras, turnstiles that monitor preservation of the company assets, working time efficiency, etc.

Employers also need to follow certain rules in order to keep the laws:

  • Using employees` monitoring software during working hours only.
  • Such software products are allowed to install only on the company devices.
  • Employers must use monitoring programs only for stated objectives such as tracking working time efficiency, company information security, etc.

Some enterprises consider invisible distant PC monitoring as a legal process only if it is specified in contract provisions of the company or if worker gives a written consent in employment contract.

Home PC surveillance

Legality or illegality of undetectable keylogger software depends on whose PC you install it. If it`s your personal property, no problem: you are owner and are empowered to install any program you want. So, you have no need to inform somebody that hidden monitoring software was installed on your PC.

But installation of such software on a PC you don`t own is a quite another issue. You are obliged to inform the PC owner beforehand about your plan or in the very least you have to inform when the program is installed.

When talking about computers used by several persons, the notions legal and illegal become vague. The ideal situation is when every user has his own login and acts in a lawful manner, then it will be easier to make distinction between their personally identifiable information. But in most cases people don`t pay attention to who is the owner of this or that purchase because buying it was a joint decision. The following recommendations will help you during installation of invisible keylogger software:

  • If you have a serious reason for installing it on the PC which belongs to you and you possess administrator privileges on this device, and your sweetheart doesn`t use his/her personal login, then you don`t need to worry about any charges of infringement of one`s private sphere of life, and you have the right to install the monitoring software without your spouse consent.
  • In other cases, the best variant is to inform other users that this monitoring program is running on the PC. Using this product at your sole risk is not a good idea.
  • You have every right to use this software for parental control.

Of course, parental control software is useful in many cases: you are responsible for your children, for their emotional and physical state, so your task is to avoid them from watching various negative content on different undesirable sites. It`s your choice whether to inform your child about using such a method of monitoring. As for some psychologists, they stick to the point of view that information sharing establishes credibility between parents and kids, and it`s also one more way for a child to resist temptation. Moreover, no laws forbid you to use invisible remote-control software for the purpose of protecting your children from being exposed to highly questionable information on the Internet.

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IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.