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Overview of keyloggers for Windows.


The easiest way to choose a keylogger for novice users.

Use this mode if you are willing to find a keylogger for your needs, though have no deep knowledge of the topic. Here keyloggers for Windows are shown in list view. Short reviews contain minimum, but yet enough information to make a choice. Also, you can use a filter to pick up a keystroke app that meets certain criteria or/and has the functionality you need. The filtering results are updated each time you choose a parameter.

Currently showing 0 of 8 keyloggers

OS Support this group reflect the number and quality of the operation systems supported by the products.

Security this group shows how hidden the product is and what self-protection mechanisms it has.

Monitoring this group analyzes what monitoring functions the products has, such as keystroke, clipboard, file-activity, etc monitoring.

Online Monitoring the group that reflects the availability of the functions to monitor users’ online activity, such as URLs visited, 2-side chat conversations interception and emails sent/received.

Reports the group that basically analyzes the convenience of the intercepted information reading, including not only the ways to filter and show it, but also to deliver it remotely.

Other other functions that cannot be part of any of the other groups listed, though a still very important such as parental control functions, languages, reactions to specific keywords, etc.

IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.
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