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3Com unveils SecPath VPN firewalls

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3Com has announced details of its new H3C SecPath F-Series and H3C SecBlade virtual private network (VPN) firewalls.

The firewalls are designed for enterprise edge, core, datacentre and high-speed computing environments, and offer increased protection against disruption, revenue loss and reputation damage, according to the firm.

"With the launch of our H3C SecPath solutions, 3Com delivers the maximum security protection required to protect today's large global enterprises from the core to the edge of the network, while continuing to offer a price-performance advantage," said Saar Gillai, 3Com senior vice president for worldwide products and solutions.

"Our no-compromise approach to integrating security and networking will enable businesses to build a secure network fabric, ultimately protecting every point of the network from today's sophisticated zero-day attacks."

Each of the VPN firewalls includes network-embedded security and the TippingPoint intrusion prevention system (IPS), and form part of 3Com's future 'Secure Network Fabric'.

"The proliferation of internal and application-specific network security threats, and the burden of compliance initiatives, have greatly increased network security complexity and management costs," said Gillai.

"To address this, we are integrating our industry-leading TippingPoint IPS with our H3C networking and security solutions to increase the level and sophistication of security services that enterprises should expect without sacrificing network performance.

"The integrated management framework will allow our customers to realise better protection, greater operational efficiency, reduced response times, and lower cost-per-incident."

Prices for the H3C SecPath F-Series start at under $10,000 (£6,170).
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Home>World news>3Com unveils SecPath VPN firewalls
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