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'Anonymous' knocks PM, ACMA offline

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The loose alliance of internet pests known as 'Anonymous' temporarily knocked websites belonging to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Australian Communications and Media Authority offline last night.

The website was brought down at about 7:20PM on Wednesday night through a denial of service attack, along with that of the Australian Communications and Media Authority. There was also an apparent attempt to bring down the website of the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy.

A check confirmed the prime minister's website was down at 8PM AEST, although it was up this morning, as were the other sites. The cyber attack is in response to the government's proposal to introduce mandatory internet filtering.

A spokesman for Senator Conroy said he had received reports of the hack but could not confirm whether the attack had been successful. However, he said the people responsible were misguided, adding that the proposed filter would only be used to block illegal content.

"The campaign that they're mounting is erroneous and misinformed," he said. "What the government is proposing is to filter refused classification content which includes imagery of child sexual abuse, rape and bestiality."

The government has been conducting an internet filter trial which is expected to be completed soon. A report will then be presented to Senator Conroy from which an internet filter policy will be developed.
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Home>World news>'Anonymous' knocks PM, ACMA offline
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