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F-Secure offers free upgrade to Internet Security 2010

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Security firm F-Secure is to provide existing customers with a free upgrade to the latest version of its PC protection suite, Internet Security 2010.

Customers using Internet Security 2008 or 2009 will be prompted to download and install the upgrade, which promises to be faster and take up significantly less memory than its predecessors.

Most security suite vendors continue to provide definitions and updates to older versions of their software, but do not normally provide existing users with an upgrade to the latest version of the product.

"We want the customers who use our product to have the best possible protection on their computers," said Antti Reijonen, vice president for consumer business and marketing at F-Secure.

"The latest version of our anti-virus software is the safest, so we began automatic updates to the new Internet Security 2010 on 14 September."

F-Secure said that the installation package will install quietly in the background, after which an update prompt will open on the computer display. Users will have the option of delaying the installation, but it cannot be bypassed.

Once initiated the upgrade is automatic and does not require a subscription key. The upgrade will not renew a user's subscription, but will be valid until the end of the existing licence period.

Customers who get an F-Secure security licence via a broadband provider or similar third party, will have the update delivered at a time confirmed by the operator.

"People's lives are connected in many ways to computers, the internet and digital content. Valuable personal files like photos, music and documents are an important part of our everyday lives. Online banks and stores are widely used, and social networking services have become an integral part of leisure time and work relationships," added Reijonen.

"We want to protect our customers' valuable digital content and to enable safe network connections so that nothing is left to chance."

Internet Security 2010 has a completely revamped interface to make it more user friendly, and includes anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam and anti-spyware as well as browser protection, parental controls and application controls.
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Home>World news>F-Secure offers free upgrade to Internet Security 2010
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