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F-Secure unveils Internet Security 2010

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F-Secure has released the latest edition of its security suite, promising improved protection with a smaller software footprint.

The company estimates that Internet Security 2010 runs 60 per cent faster, and uses 70 per cent less memory, than the previous version.

Other features include a new user interface, the ability to automatically diagnose and remove possible threats, and a new Exploit Shield to help prevent attacks targeting application vulnerabilities.

"F-Secure has responded with an improved overall experience including major performance gains and a great new user interface," the firm said.

"At the same time we provide even better security with innovative features like Browsing Protection. The result is a security product that sets new standards in the safe use of computers and the internet."

Reducing the installation and memory requirements of security software has become a trend within the industry. Vendors such as Trend Micro have cited customer feedback and the emergence of web services as helping to keep footprints down.
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Home>World news>F-Secure unveils Internet Security 2010
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