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Gemalto bolsters Amazon Web Services security

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Digital security firm Gemalto has configured its Ezio authentication token for use with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS provides a highly scalable computing infrastructure for customers to create a range of hosted applications and services, allowing access to the platform anywhere and at any time.

Cloud services are proving increasingly popular owing to their scalability and pay-as-you-go setup, but security has remained a concern in terms of privacy around third parties handling and storing sensitive company data, and unauthorised access by cyber criminals.

The Ezio Time Token allows AWS users to enhance security by implementing multi-factor authentication. The device provides a unique six-digit one-time password which is valid for just 30 seconds for use as part of the login process, which also includes an email address and a static password.

"Cloud computing and web services are designed for convenient access to online resources, and are experiencing strong adoption within enterprise accounts," said François Lasnier, vice president and general manager of Gemalto's North American Security business unit.

"This makes it essential to ensure that only appropriate users are gaining access to these online services and resources. With our full range of Ezio devices, such as the OTP Time Token, AWS users can experience the freedom of easy and secure multi-factor authenticated account access from anywhere at any time with any type of terminal."

Similar token-based systems are already used by several large banks and enterprises to help improve access security.

The Ezio Time Token can be purchased directly from Gemalto's web store at a cost of $12.99 (£7.80).
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Home>World news>Gemalto bolsters Amazon Web Services security
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