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Google launches data liberation service

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Google has launched a new service that will let users transfer personal data in and out of Google products.

The search firm claims that the new Data Liberation service will appeal to web users who may be concerned about data privacy and the increasing lack of control over personal details as the use of web services, social networks and databases increases.

Google said that Data Liberation will create a more competitive marketplace by allowing consumers to easily exit Google services if they want to.

"Our goal is to liberate data so that consumers and businesses using Google products always have a choice when it comes to the technology they use," said Brian Fitzpatrick, Google Data Liberation engineering manager, in a post on Google's Public Policy Blog.

"When it's easy for users to leave your product, there's a sense of urgency to improve and innovate in order to keep your users. When your users are locked in, there's a strong temptation to be complacent and focus less on making your product better."

The new service will be run by a group of US Google engineers called the Data Liberation Front, which will build simple import and export functions to transfer the data, Google said.

However, the Technology Liberation Front, an independent US organisation that promotes technology freedoms, announced today that it will sue Google for patent infringement.

"Maybe Google really is trying to take over the world! We demand 50 per cent of the $0.00 Google earns every time they allow users to port their application data out of Google to a competitor's services!" said Technology Liberation Front blogger and campaigner Berin Szoka.

"We will, of course, dedicate these royalties to the important project of educating and empowering users about how they can determine their own destiny online."
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Home>World news>Google launches data liberation service
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