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Nebulas offers data loss prevention assessments

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Data security firm Nebulas Solutions Group today launched a new service designed to give organisations greater insight into their risk of data leakage.

The Data Loss Prevention Assessment has been designed to quantify and qualify the risk and impact of losing data. It looks at data at rest, such as that residing in file shares, and data in motion, such as email or instant messaging traffic.

Nebulas managing director Nick Garlick argued that, although most organisations have deployed technology to protect against external and internal threats, the challenge is to understand the effectiveness of such measures.

"This assessment shows customers exactly where they are vulnerable, the risks they face, and the impact that data leaks and losses would have on their business," he said.

"The assessment gives customers detailed information which they can use as a blue-print to address their security issues before they become a major problem or result in serious financial loss, damage to their credibility or legal action."

The service works by installing a monitoring device on a customer's network, which collects and analyses the data before generating a report summarising the risks that the organisation faces.

The report is available as a high-level management summary, and can be broken down at a more granular level to show the specific risks, said the firm.

Just last week, HSBC was fined over £3m by the Financial Services Authority for losing customer data on unencrypted discs.
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Home>World news>Nebulas offers data loss prevention assessments
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.