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Novell launches latest single sign-on solution

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Novell today launched the latest version of its SecureLogin product, which it claims can reduce the traditional burden associated with integrating single sign-on systems with enterprise packages.

Novell SecureLogin 7 is the first fruit of the vendor's purchase in February of a perpetual source code licence for ActivIdentity's software.

SecureLogin enables users to seamlessly integrate single sign-on functionality with Windows, Java, web and other enterprise applications using a wizard, the firm said.

Novell maintained that IT departments are struggling to manage thousands of separate user names and passwords for all of the applications and services their users need. This often results in lower IT and end user productivity, increased administration costs and security risks, the firm added.

Gregg Kreizman, an analyst at Gartner, explained the nature of the integration problem faced by many organisations.

"Difficult-to-integrate applications add time to implementations, and products that require custom coding external to an enterprise single sign-on product's native automation or scripting environment can add significant implementation time and costs," he said. "A few applications cannot be integrated at all."

Java-based applications are particularly problematic in this context because the interface provides nothing but "graphical content for enterprise single sign-on products to analyse", Kreizman added.

SecureLogIn 7 also includes 64-bit support for Microsoft's Windows Vista and Server 2008, and is available now.
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Home>World news>Novell launches latest single sign-on solution
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