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OpenDNSSec to help secure domain name system

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New open source software has been launched today designed to drive the adoption of DNSSec, the mechanism security experts are saying is vital to ensuring the future security of the domain name system (DNS) and therefore the internet.

DNSSec, or DNS security extensions, was invented to add security to the DNS by protecting against cache poisoning and other attacks.

Internet industry leaders including .uk registry Nominet and Swedish registry .SE have joined forces to create open source software which they say will make it easier to deploy DNSSec.

DNS security specialists are being urged to download a preview of the OpenDNSSec and have been invited to leave feedback. The software offers benefits such as being able to handle the management of cryptographic keys and the signing of zones.

It also works with all versions of Unix, and is suitable for organisations that need to sign a few very large zones, such as top-level domains, and for those responsible for a large number of smaller zones, said the group.

The source code is also available for inclusion by commercial suppliers in their own products.

"Making the internet a more trusted place for all is one of Nominet's main objectives. This is a key initiative for us and we actively support and encourage the development of any software that will create an environment safe for internet users," said Nominet chief executive Lesley Cowley.

"We enjoyed working with other registries who share our vision to develop this tool, and will continue working with them."
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Home>World news>OpenDNSSec to help secure domain name system
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