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Student`s trick: Using Hardware Keylogger to Change Grades

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A student of American University was expelled because of installing hardware keylogger on the University computer that allows him to change his grades.

The incident took place at Kansas University, which is considered to be the biggest one in Kansas. The name of a student remains undivulged. This keystroke logging device was installed on a computer in one of the lecture halls of the University. Similar devices can be created as a flash drive and everyone can buy them in Amazon and eBay online shops for $20-30.

As a result, a student get access to login information and changed his F grades to A ones.

Professor Ron Barrett-Gonzalez stressed in the interview of the Kansas City Star local press that this student was overwhelmed with greed, so it forced him to frequently change his grades. And finally, they showed this cunning cybercriminal in his true colors.

The University administration discovered these machinations in spring of the previous academical year, and it didn`t raise any dust but expelled this fail hacker. The academic teaching staff was recently informed about this incident.

Professor Ron Barrett-Gonzalez was outraged by keeping this incident in secret. He was really shocked that the University administration made no mention whatever about it.

Professor explained that having logins and passwords, one can not only change the grades in electronic journal, but also exploit information about payroll records of the lecturers, even about their bank accounts as well. If wished, he could use it and credit money to other accounts, actually.

Professor claimed that this isn`t just a trick but a real criminal violation, that`s why many lecturers demand a legal prosecution.
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Home>World news>Student`s trick: Using Hardware Keylogger to Change Grades
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