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The hacker's attack: keylogger to change grades to "A"

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Last year an Indian student at University of Kansas penetrated into computer system in order to alter his flunking grades to "A". He was put on parole and asked pardon his professors.

A 20 years old Varun H. Sarja get probationary period of year and a half. He will be closely monitored to make sure no criminal actions were made, otherwise, he could be put into prison for 18 months. Such information was reported by the Lawrence Journal-World.

Sarja was found guilty of 18 criminal offences but he had admitted only two charges that are identity theft and illegal computer actions.

The other charges were dropped, and the charges against him were brought in November, 2017.

During 2016-17 while being a first-year student at University of Kansas who studied engineering, Sarja installed keylogger in order to steal sensitive information of other people (logins in this case) and to penetrate into multiple computers to improve his grades.

What is keylogger? It’s a special device or software, which is captures the keystrokes by covert means, so, the attacker gain access to username and password.

Investigators discovered that Sarja had altered practically all his grades at that time and hacked login information of his teachers.

The report admitted that student told about his interest in engineering, he wanted to be a golden boy and was afraid to tell the truth his parents about failing grades.

Sarja has agreed over the probation period and was going to apologize to professors whose sensitive information he has stolen.

Sarja, a native of Olathe city, also promised the judge he wouldn't do such tricks again.

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Home>World news>The hacker's attack: keylogger to change grades to "A"
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