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To keylog your staff isn’t a good idea

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German court has decided that keylogging software installation on your employees’ computers and using the results of spying to fire them is abnormal.

Last week, the German Federal Labor Court brought on a case of a web developer who was fired because of the development of a computer game for another company while working hours.
With the help of software, the company revealed that their employee performed extra activity, which isn’t connected with his referral tasks. Nevertheless, there was a warning that all internet traffic would be logged.

Besides, this software had more functions – it registered every keyboard tap and regularly took screenshots that were stored on a company server.

This employee has been working at this company for four years and was in its good books. One month after software installation, boss called this man into his office and accused him of using the company computer for personal doings.

The man worked on a computer game – helped his father’s company – but laid emphasis that he did it only during work breaks and only three hours were spent on this project over a period of four months.

But still, he was fired. And the court agreed that information against him was gained illegally.
The court decided that such a level of superintendence contravened personal rights of workers and the actions of this employee weren’t good grounds to fire him. So, the man protected both his private and working spaces.
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Home>World news>To keylog your staff isn’t a good idea
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.