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Vasco adds to authentication roster

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Vasco has focused on improved management capabilities in two new authentication appliances added to its aXs Guard Identifier product line today.

The AG 3442 is aimed at small enterprises with between five and 250 staff, and has been optimised for remote users. The AG 7552, meanwhile, is targeted at enterprises with up to 100,000 employees, and includes enhanced reporting and redundancy functionality.

The AG 7552 has two 1TB hot swappable Raid 1 hard disks and a hot swappable power supply. Both devices run on standard 19 racks that simply plug into the corporate network.

Jan Valcke, president and chief operating officer at Vasco, explained that the appliances are intended for organisations that do not want their servers running too many applications. He added that a key goal in introducing the new models was to reduce "the administrative tasks and costs associated with the installations".

This has been achieved by enabling the devices' user databases to synchronise directly with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol directories, such as Microsoft's Active Directory and Novell's eDirectory, to ensure that both sets of information are automatically updated.

The offerings are integrated with Vasco's Identikey server technology, meaning that remote users can self-register and activate their Digipass dynamic one-time password generator, said the firm.

The products will be sold as a commercial version and a demonstration version exclusively through Vasco's third-party distribution channel.

The demonstration version enables customers to test the appliance in a live environment for a pre-determined length of time, before simply upgrading to a commercial licence without needing to swap out the existing device.

Vasco already sells two aXsGuard Identifier appliances: the AG 3512, which is suitable for up to 1,000 users, and the AG 5522, which is optimised for 10,000 users.
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Home>World news>Vasco adds to authentication roster
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