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Vasco launches new authentication solution

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Authentication software vendor Vasco Data Security launched a new version of its client software suite today, featuring a combination of one-time password (OTP) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology.

Digipass CertiID uses PKI to sign transactions or confidential documents, making it ideal for use in banking, enterprise or government environments, according to the firm.

The new technology can be used in the corporate sphere to protect information on laptops and other devices by encrypting data stored in files and on disks, and requiring emails and data transactions to be signed. The OTP functionality, meanwhile, can be employed to authenticate users at log-in.

"Digipass CertiID is a nice example of our continued investment in more secure solutions," said Jan Valcke, president of Vasco Data Security. "It combines OTP with PKI technology, thus responding to a growing need for user-friendly portable authentication with document signing and file encryption capability."

Financial institutions may also benefit from the product's compliance with the IdenTrust Rules Set interoperability standard for digital certificates, according to Vasco.

In addition, Digipass CertiID is available as a software development kit, allowing developers to integrate PKI functionality into their own applications, said the firm.
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Home>World news>Vasco launches new authentication solution
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