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Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems: Selection Criteria

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Looking at wireless intrusion prevention and detection systems? Burton Group notes the following features and functions you may wish to consider when making a product selection. (Also see companion article on wireless IDP evaluation and implementation dos and don'ts.)

* Integration with wired-side switch port shut down. Enables automated containment on the wired side.
* Air-side containment and blocking. Enables temporary disablement of rogues and "evil twins."
* Integration with RF topology maps. Increases efficiency of location pinpointing.
* Location-aware monitoring. Provides policy enforcement based on position of devices.
* Remote management of sensors. Particularly good for highly distributed organizations.
* Small and midsize business offering. Good for distributed companies with small sites.
* "No fly" mode or template. Useful for companies that forbid wireless in certain areas of the enterprise.
* Role-based access to management user interface. Shares information with multiple stakeholders.
* Integration with the help desk. Enables troubleshooting of wireless network connections.
* Integration with network monitoring. Enables network management from an integrated console.
* Escalated or hierarchical alerting. Provides a more efficient response.
* Support for power over ethernet. Eliminates need for additional power outlets.
* Bandwidth management. Eases burden on low-bandwidth WAN links.
* Auto-classification. Reduces false positives and eases administration.
* DoS protection. Helps maintain network availability.
* Scalability/high availability. Necessary for large, highly distributed networks.
* Preventive automation. Enables automatic break or containment of unauthorized associations.
* Integration with mobile tools. Enables reuse of site survey information gathered from mobile tool as part of the console WIPS intelligence.
* Large-area sensors. Reduces number of sensors.
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Home>World news>Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems: Selection Criteria
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.