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Parental control software

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What is parental control?

Parental control includes a complex of functions that can be implemented in services of digital television, mobile devices and software. These functions help parents to prevent possible negative impacts of various content on their child, for example, by restricting access to certain functions of any device.

The reasons to use parental control software

The major problems touching children security arise due to use of computers, phones, smart TVs, or any other gadgets, or, to be more precise, misuse of them. Children can face a lot of threats in the cyberspace. Along with useful information, there are virtual dangers children are exposed to. Cybercriminals in the social networks, shocking and offensive content on many sites, propaganda of violence and drug abuse — all this can do much harm to a child. It is no surprise that millions of parents all over the world use special parental monitoring software to protect their children from different risks. Internet activity monitoring software is intended for restricting access to the certain types of web content in order to prevent children from awful consequences.

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Functions of parental control software

One of the main tasks of computer monitoring software for parents is to create a Web Content Filter. It means that some pages can be visited, while others are inaccessible. What is the principle of such control? Usually, content filtering software deals with a black list of sites, i.e. a database, which contains adult sites or sites with unsolicited content. It is highly desirable to regularly update the list online, otherwise the protection will quickly become out of date because new resources constantly appear. Moreover, parents can expand the black list of sites at their discretion. The more rigorous solution is to create a white list of sites. So, the user can visit only the sites included to this list; as for other sites, they are blocked. There is one more variant to filter according to the content. You specify keywords, and if any of them appears on a web page, it is immediately blocked by website blocker software.

Restricted access to web sites isn`t the only way to protect a child from negative PC influence. Child monitoring software should also allow you to easily be aware of the time being spent at the computer and monitor what your kid is doing on a computer when you are away. We mean limiting launch of certain programs, monitoring time when applications can be launched (for example, you can start games from 6 to 8 pm only), restricting access to certain PC functions, and so on.

There is another weak point in the kids’ safety, namely, instant messaging programs. The child is naive, so he or she can unintentionally provide a stranger with personal data. Attackers are very cunning: they pose themselves as peers and ask many tricky questions. Some parental control programs can analyze information sent from a computer. If it contains some of the keywords, for example, address, school or phone number, then the message is blocked by the content filtering software.

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Trust and mutual understanding are the most important feelings in the family. From the early childhood parents should teach their children how to use the Internet correctly. Besides, kids should inform their parents about their new online friends – encourage your child to feel free when talking about such things. Nevertheless, no online or offline software has any chance to replace parents’ love and care.

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Home>Guides>Parental control software
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.