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Stealth KeyLogger's developer also provides Business Monitoring Solutions.

Added: November 14th, 2007

Author: Amplusnet

Even if you are an employer or just a simple user you can choose to monitor your company/home computer activity. All you need in this respect is a well structured application to reflect the reality.

Stealth Keylogger's developers – from Amplusnet Company - had both focused on home and business monitoring applications in order to gratify these two important users' branches.

Cyclope Employee Surveillance Solution is the business monitoring software designed to inform and equip management with statistics relating to the productivity of staff within an organization. Managers do not use this application only to track all applications launched, all websites visited or the total time spend on a specific program, but also to be informed of the active time and overtime of each employee in part.

Employee Surveillance generates accurate, direct statistics allowing effective network monitoring and employee control. Comparisons between staff in similar positions or over specified time periods are also possible. There are alerts reporting section to provide information about what rules have been broken, who broke the rules and the extent of the abuse.

But the most striking feature of Cyclope Employee Surveillance is the easy to navigate graphical user web interface. Designed from a management perspective it gives you the opportunity to take a view on employees' activity even if you are out form the local network area.

Improving the future depends very much on everyone's capacity to progress in its work and issues, that's why our team is working hard to get high standards applications.

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Home>Press Releases>Stealth KeyLogger's developer also provides Business Monitoring Solutions.
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.