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Gecko Computer Monitoring Software - Complete Computer Monitoring & Keylogger Solution

Added: July 26th, 2012

Author: Gecko Computer Monitoring Software

Gecko Monitor is the new Computer Monitoring Software and keylogger from Gecko. The software has a whole range of features that allow you to monitor your computer while you're away. The software is easily installable and configurable and has a toolbox of settings to adjust to your particular needs.

The software, available from, has a two hour trial and costs $49 to unlock the full version. Once installed, Gecko Monitor works in complete stealth, meaning you won't see it running in the start menu, tray, task manager or listed in the add/remove programs list. The user interface is revealed by entering a user defined secret key combination, followed by your password.

Once the user interface is opened you can view the logs, which are organized into tabs. Gecko Monitor has the following features:

  • Takes screenshots at set time intervals or when a new window is active.
  • Monitors all applications used, along with the time and date of use.
  • Logs all keystrokes entered, along with the application they were entered into.
  • Monitors all websites visited, along with the time and date they were visited.
  • Monitors anything copied to the clipboard.
  • Monitors all printed documents, along with date, time and printer name.
  • Monitors any opened, created, saved or deleted files and documents.
  • Emails reports at set time intervals.

Gecko Monitor also has an innovated timeline feature, that shows a timeline of events for the chosen date. The feature shows a snapshot of screenshots, keystrokes, applications and visited websites, so you can quickly see what has happened at a certain date and time. Clicking an entry takes you to the corresponding tab for a more in depth look.

The software can monitor all Windows user accounts when installed using an administrator account, a feature that is missing in many commercial monitoring applications. Gecko Monitor is also quickly and easily uninstalled after use, with just a click of the button inside the settings.

Gecko Computer Monitoring Software is available to download now.

Detailed information about Gecko Computer Monitoring Software

Home>Press Releases>Gecko Computer Monitoring Software - Complete Computer Monitoring & Keylogger Solution
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.