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"Acme" Means "the Top"

Added: January 14th, 2005

Author: Global Information Technology (UK) Limited

The name PC Acme™ exactly suits this monitoring software of new generation. Developers from Raytown Corporation LLC research group who created these products say that no single monitoring software product except PC Acme™ has so favorable characteristics in such a combination.

First, PC Acme™ supports Unicode. It means that there is no "language barrier" for it. Letters or hieroglyphs – it doesn't matter. So, it can be used throughout the world with no restrictions, limits or bounds.

Second, the monitoring is performed on a deeper level. Unlike most of the other monitoring products, PC Acme™ works on the OS kernel driver level. This means that any of the PC Acme™ monitoring programs is protected from special anti-monitoring tools. PC Acme™ is also absolutely invisible for firewalls. It works completely transparently for a user and the operating system. All these features make PC Acme™ almost undetectable; and even if the program is detected, it is almost impossible - even for an experienced user - to block its work, change its parameters or remove the program.

What is more, with PC Acme™ products you will never worry about the data lost due to a power breakdown. These products are able to retrieve them.

The PC Acme™ reports are converted into the HTML format, that's why they are easy-to-use and smartly-looking as well.

PC Acme™ is available in three variations depending on the job to be done.

PC Acme™ Lite is the most economical one; its properties make it ideal for home use: it is indispensable for conscientious parents, because it successfully records all the operations made on an individual PC. Every step is silently captured to a log file. All events have timestamps which allow to recover the full sequence of user's actions in a strict chronological order.

PC Acme™ Lite could well be used also for employees' monitoring. It detects information leak, identifies the attempts of unauthorized access to certain information, spots unauthorized software installation, records all information entered, files opened and viewed, e-mails and instant messages sent. Wherever Internet access control is needed, PC Acme™ Lite does its job successfully, recording all websites visited, URLs and logons entered. Bad news for those who chat online during the working hours.

Compared with PC Acme™Lite, PC Acme™ Standard is an enlarged version. Here the user can choose one of three types of reports.

PC Acme™ Professional is an advanced version suitable for tasks more sophisticated than direct monitoring of an individual PC. Lots of options are added, including remote monitoring via network, silent installation of pre-configured monitoring agent, secure transmission of log files via network, and many others. Wide range of its functions confirms its name – PC Acme™ Professional is indeed a highly specialized monitoring program.

Thanks to the exceptionally successful combinations of features, such as: Unicode support; monitoring at the OS kernel driver level (deeper than ever); reliable protection against anti-monitoring software; different variations available for different tasks – makes PC Acme™ software indispensable for everybody who wants his computer to be used for decent purposes only.

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Home>Press Releases>"Acme" Means "the Top"
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.