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Remote monitoring software

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Nowadays remote PC monitoring and control over its usage are increasingly desirable protective measures. More and more advanced programs with various functions of remote monitoring of the users’ workstations appear at the market. At enterprises, these functions allow system administrators to monitor network activity of the employees in real-time mode, and also to check configuration of company devices and software on computers that are connected to the local network. So, total control over remote PCs without any need to leave the workplace is guaranteed.

How to Control Employees Remotely?

Using software for remote employee monitoring, you will be able to keep all the actions of workstations connected to the common network under a constant and strict control. Over the last years, specialized software with ability to monitor activity of this or that computer has become more and more popular thanks to development of innovative technologies.

Such software became widely used on home computers because of parents` desire to protect their children from visiting unwanted sites and from receiving unsafe information. Besides, computer monitoring programs are frequently installed in companies where the executive staff wants to restrict access of their workers to certain network resources and prevent them from doing certain undesirable actions. A total control allows to maintain information security at the enterprise, protect the system from users` errors; it also greatly facilitates servicing computer hardware and other equipment.

How to Select Appropriate Remote Monitoring Software

There are lots of apps nowadays for every need and budget, but most of them have serious disadvantages. Many software products of this kind are unreliable, which significantly decrease the PC performance. Often users can easily detect such software, which is undesirable in most cases. It also happens that the person who monitors one`s actions, is empowered only to view the log files` content with the keyboard inputs and screenshots. One more deficiency is that viewing the log files themselves is possible only on the PC where they were created. Such programs are suitable for monitoring a home PC, but they are ill-suited for monitoring computers with a local network connection. The only option in this case is to configure automatic sending of the logs to e-mail address or a server, but still processing such data is a time-consuming and inconvenient process.

Spyrix Personal Monitor PRO Box
The best remote computer monitoring tool

This keylogger is among the most powerful programs intended for remote computer monitoring. The purposes of employee monitoring and parental control can successfully be achieved with the help of this multifunctional hidden tool. It perfectly combines features of a highly professional product with simplicity and ease of use.

Functions of Remote Keyloggers

The purpose of programs for remote PC monitoring is real-time access to information about the network-connected workstations to monitor and exercise control over the hardware resources and usage of the local network. Remote employee monitoring software should inform system administrators about the working process of every user: PC performance, including programs` startup, network resources, etc.; at any time, administrator can track the number of running applications and even the active windows in case of being duly authorized to do it.

In addition to constant monitoring, this program also offers remote monitoring tools that allow users to interfere with the PC performance. For example, such software enables you to send messages to remote computers, search for the files, stop running processes and take screenshots at any time interval you want. It is often the case that this software product allows you to simultaneously perform certain actions on all the network-connected workstations: for example, you can open any program on all PCs at once.

At the request of the supervisor, this program for remote PC monitoring can provide detailed information about software and hardware components installed on remote workstations in real-time mode.

In many cases, remote PC monitoring assumes a full control over the device, and this specialized software is used exactly for this purpose. This feature greatly facilitates daily routine duties of system administrators, for example, continuous service, troubleshooting and support. When a company employee faces a problem with the computer, some program or related equipment (scanner, printer, etc.), the specialist will be able to render a remote assistance while remaining at his workplace.

This software will significantly reduce labor costs and, on request, even decrease the number of employees in the internal IT unit: the remote-control ability helps to reduce time and effort necessary to perform everyday tasks as well as for troubleshooting. This means that every employee will be able to do more work, so, the company economizes on salaries and taxes, and there is no need for new working positions even with increase of the number of corporate computers and supported devices.

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Home>Guides>Remote monitoring software
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.