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Spouse monitor — keep your best half under observation

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Do you doubt marital fidelity of your wife or husband? Is your spouse inclined to watching porn films? Are you sure that he/she dances to a different tune when it comes to you and your family? Unfortunately, a two-faced spouse is a common problem in the present-day world.

Any relationship requires a constant work to kindle a flame that was between you at the very beginning, and when one partner begins to perceive another one as a liar, life can become a real inferno. Do you really face such a problem or are you making a mountain out of a molehill?

If absolutely necessary, you can keep an eye on your spouse using your PС and pull yourself together or cut off ties without a shred of a doubt.

Does my boyfriend/girlfriend keep something from me?

Does my partner keep something from me? What can uncover betrayal of your spouse? Some time ago, faithlessness was connected with a colleague or a family friend. Nowadays with the Internet development, there are more alternative ways for extramarital affairs. The Internet intrigues, virtual sex, different porno sites, and numerous dating websites smoothen things down for cheaters. These are some of the signs you should keep your eyes skinned for:

  • Your spouse spends a lot of time in front of the computer after you go to sleep or as soon as day broke before when you wake up.
  • Your browsing history is clean. Time to worry.
  • Credit card charges that you have no idea of.
  • You don`t know the password of his/her phone as well as of any of the social networks.
  • Your spouse closes the PC or a laptop screen from you. So, you cannot see what he or she is actually doing there.

User monitoring software is a great way to reveal whether your spouse is a liar or not. Your best half won`t have a clue you are controlling him/her, because you can install this computer monitoring software in stealth mode. Moreover, web-based computer monitoring software will ease your task: no physical access is required, just Internet connection and you can immediately monitor PC activity of your honey on a real time basis.

Spy on your Spouse`s PC Activity

Spouse’s tracker software is equivalent to your certain real time actions: for example, you want to look at the screen of your sweetheart and come cat-footed closer to his/her back – no need for doing it now! Just use this software and record keystrokes, e-mails, online chats, passwords, visited Web sites, and take screenshots at any intervals you want, deliver information about your girlfriend's or boyfriend's Internet activity to you through e-mail or in any other way you like.

Recording Contents of Emails, both Incoming and Outgoing

In order to be sure that your beloved has an intrigue, make use of computer monitoring software that enables you to be aware of emails your spouse received. You`ll know who receiver and sender of the messages are, as well as email sending date and time, a conversation topic, a message content, etc. This detailed information will guarantee that you are able to follow all of your spouse`s electronic communications.

IM Chats Recording

Websites and emails monitoring are effective methods to nail down a lie of your spouse, but instant messages control is even better way to find out what feelings does your beloved actually have. Unplanned communication is likely to be the way for disclosing the truth and users make every effort to keep it in secret. Just a few clicks and PC monitoring software allows you to be aware of all instant messages you spouse receives or sends at this very moment.

Visited Websites Monitoring

Except ability to record the visited sites of your spouse, you can use one more function that is websites` blocking, so, your beloved one will have no access to them. Keywords and websites addresses can be easily added to your block list. The most important thing is that your sweetheart won`t have any idea about blocking, because it appears as a generic error message.

Capturing Screenshots on the Real-Time Basis

This function empowers you to see all information on your husband`s/wife`s PC screen – as if you were standing behind his/her back and looking at every word he/she is typing. This computer monitoring software enables to control all PC activity of your spouse. Invisible and automatic screenshots capturing will leave your honey in the dark about the fact that all images are being recorded.

Is This Process Acceptable?

This process is certainly not a moral one, but you finally must find out how moral the behavior of your spouse is. If it turns out that you really were wrong, then forget about your fixed idea, uninstall all monitoring apps and live in harmony with yourself. In the case you reveal that your husband/wife is a liar or a cheater, isn`t it good that you know it right now and not many years on? Once you`ve puzzled out these techniques, you will answer all your questions anyway.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

You are familiar with the saying honesty is the best policy. Computer monitoring software just proves that moral people remain moral. Take into account that internet usage monitoring software can be useful in the case if your spouse is contingent on a pornography by making them responsible as they attempt to relinquish this habit.

Internet content filter is the best way to prevent from watching various provocative websites. You definitely heard about numerous adulterous relationships starting on the Internet. It could be affair of yesteryear on a social networking site, an email from some kith, various dating websites. You should be on the safe side. Keep your trustworthy spouses trustworthy, using this software.

Please remember one important thing: it is considered to be a legal action if you install this software onto your own computer. Otherwise, the PC owner`s agreement is mission-essential.

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Home>Guides>Spouse monitor — keep your best half under observation
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.