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Spy software

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What are the advantages of this software?

You definitely came across various articles about the spyware features. Often people don’t differentiate the following two terms: spy software and spyware. So, let’s try to puzzle out these two terms.

The most appropriate definition of spyware: it’s a special software that enables you to collect information about a certain PC with or without the consent of a user. It’s also known as adware, because it penetrates into your device with other software installations, usually you are completely unaware of this. Then this software sends the reports about visited websites, your interests and other kind of information to the developers. So, attackers have all chances to make serious money: for example, they can sell this information to marketing companies or other business rivals who are interested in it.

But monitoring software performs OTHER tricks. Spy software, known as computer monitoring software, provides with ability to keep an eye and record all PC activity of a certain user. The user himself installs this software in order to conduct monitoring, so, he doesn’t need to disguise it among other software installations. But there are other ways to download it: either on purpose or from the email attachment. There are two ways of spy software to function: invisibly to the user or it can warn him that all actions will be monitored. Nobody else but the real owner/purchaser of this software will get all details about the user activity on a certain device.

The Users of Spy Software

Among the users of this spy software are disturbed parents, apprehensive spouses, governmental organizations, corporate networks, and educational establishments. All these people have used spy software to be sure that their devices are being used for the purpose intended. This software will help you to avoid improper activities on your company devices, but in such a case the software must be configured to inform users that they will be monitored.

The Advantages of Using Spy Software

Here are the following benefits for you, depending on the purpose of monitoring:

Parental Control

Parents always worry about bad influence of the computer on their children. This parental control software will disperse your doubts. It monitors all the user activities, including internet connections, visited websites, opened windows, emails, chats, every typed character, etc. Now you will know more about computer activity of your child. Moreover, you’ll be able to control what sites your children can visit and what sites are restricted from viewing.

Keep an Eye on Your Spouse

Using computer monitoring software, you’ll be completely confident in your best half. Now no doubts that your spouse has affairs, inward peace about your relationships. It will be better for the beloved if they two will be aware of installation of such a spying product to entails mutual trust and respect in the marriage.

This monitoring software can also be useful in dealing with a pornography addiction. Limited access to such website content will contribute toward recovering of your spouse.

Spytech SpyAgent Standard Edition Box
The best spy software tool

One of the best surveillance programs we have tested, because of its rich functionality, flexibility and easy-to-understand interface. Can be used to monitor home PC, perform parental control and employee monitoring.

Entrepreneurship Administration and Worker Monitoring

Employee monitoring is also possible with this spy software. So, you can control your employees’ working efficiency, whether do they use company devices as intended or don’t. But employees must be aware of the fact that they may be being monitored.

Network and Asset Security

You can use spy software to protect online security and ensure assets safety. This monitoring software informs you when users share their confidential data, using email, FTP, etc. So, you will be aware of every unwanted action that could harm your network system.

Institutions and Schools

Now you have no reasons to worry because machines misuse can be effectively prevented. The time and date of the actions being monitored will also be sent to you and saved for a possible criminal charge.

File Backup

If you worry about personal privacy, this software is at your disposal. Even if you are far from your device, all PC performance are tracked. The keystrokes monitoring provides you with ability to restore your files lost because of any system termination.

Legal or Illegal?

Surely. This computer monitoring software is legal, but only in the case of being installed on your own PC. Otherwise, you may offend the laws, either state or federal ones. It’s better to consult with your local laws to keep on the safe side.


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IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.