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Spytech NetVizor Review

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  • System requirements: Windows NT4, 200x, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, or 10. 32 and 64-bit supported.
  • Space of a hard disk: 3MB hard disk space
  • Windows TCP/IP Network
  • only PC owner can install NetVizor tool and only he has authority to monitor anyone`s activity
  • Price: Up to 10 Computers for $495
  • Trial period:Unlimited. Monitoring intervals will terminate after 30 minutes.
  • Recent version: Build Version 8.20.17
  • Date of release: 29.‎03.‎2017
  • Product

Spytech NetVizor is a network-based and disguised employee monitoring software with ability to control the entire network from one central location!

NetVizor is a sophisticated powerful monitoring tool that comes at a reasonable price. NetVizor provides its user with a great variety of reports.

Before you'll be able to start monitoring, you should install NetVizor Client on your employees' computers and configure it so that all the logs are saved to the server folder.

Using NetVizor Viewer, you can view the results of monitoring.

The main features of this software include:

  • Statistic – Spytech NetVizor includes the following reports: Top 10 Applications Used, Top 10 Websites Visited, Top 10 Online Searches, Top 10 Files Used, Top 10 Active Users, Top 10 Inactive/Idle Users. It also can render HTML reports both for every separate employee and for all computers of the particular network.
  • Dedicated Storage – Spytech NetVizor has ability to configure saving all information in one Centralized Location on the company server.
  • Real-Time Supervision – Spytech NetVizor has the Real-time Control function, using which you will view every desktop on your network with a single click. An additional function of Real-time Activity Ticker consists in monitoring lots of workers at the same time.
  • Remote administration – Spytech NetVizor allows you to block undesirable programs, websites, chat messengers, portable drives and file copying usage. Prevent Print Screen Usage function is also at your disposal.
  • Notifications – in Spytech NetVizor there is also possibility to configurate Alerts, which will warn you when someone uses portable drives, unwanted programs, websites, files, or types keystroke phrases.

Updates and Changelog of Spytech NetVizor

NetVizor has been updated! from V9.1 to V9.2

NetVizor - the popular monitoring software product - has been updated to version 9.2. Thanks to this update, the product became fully compatible with Chromium-based Edge web-browser. It also fixes the issues some users reported they had when connecting to their network computers using Safari and Google Chrome.

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Home>Guides>Spytech NetVizor Review
IMPORTANT! Installing computer monitoring tools on computers you do not own or do not have permission to monitor may violate local, state or federal law.